Information for the 100% electrified mankind
Information for the 100% electrified mankind


How to charge with your electric car when there is no charge station near by.




More than 400 hotels, where you can charge your electric car. Green hotels giving free parking and charge.




Picked important news of the electric car area.



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- 80edays

- eTour Europe

- Ecoraces Grand Prix

- Forumula-E


June 2016 International around the world challenge:

80edays - world record attempt in 80 days around the world - 100% electric


For more EVents see:

Actual record holders

Statement of Rafael de Mestre 2011:

The most important to convince gas burners to change to e-cars is:

1) Range per charge

2) Charging speed

Record holder

2011: Tesla Roadster 400km/240min

2012: Tesla Model S 500km/60min

2013: Tesla Model S 600km range record

2014: Tesla Model SD 10km more range than Model S

2015: Tesla Roadster 650km range upgrade

2015: Tesla Model S 80D driven 700km 

2016: Metron 7 driven 800km but also Model S - let's see who whins the price of 2016 ;) 

Aim : 1000 km/5min. (2011 people said that it'll be impossible ...)


Around the world EV race like olympic games

Carrera Electrica - The first around the world electric race with standard 100% electric cars in 2012 will be repeated every 4 years. See History. Participants of every nation of the world are joining the next race.



Latest Videos



You can find here

Charging station maps (EU and US)


Iphone Apps to find a charging station in US and EU


Charge in 400 Hotels all over the world over night


Charge Communities:

Park&Charge free charging in EU

Drehstromnetz in Germany

Tesla goes east long distance trip 2011

Gallery of available electric car models


... and background information.

Short notice

1 liter gas burns about 2,33 kg CO²

A "stone age" car with consumption of 10l / 100km pollutes in 10.000 km the world with 2.330 kg CO² - over 2 Tons !!

Ok, so who killed the electric car? Watch movie

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All content of this site is dedicated to 100% electric and CO² free long lasting solutions. Hybrids in our eyes are a not needed step in the evolution, they slow down the 100% electric evolution, ergo step to wrong direction.



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